IMPORTANT: A non-refundable one-time $99 Application Fee is due before application processing. This is not a guarantee that your application will be accepted. We will send you a link for payment once we receive your application.

Please allow up to two weeks for application processing.

An Annual Administrative Fee of $295 will be due upon your approval as an eBay Recommended Seller. Payment instructions will be provided at that time. If you sell on a .com web site, the fee is $395 per year. You must also provide a copy of your driver's license or other state-issued I. D. and a current utility bill or credit card statement for verification of identity and address, if requested. This information will be destroyed after verification.

Invoices are payable through, where you will be able to pay via debit or credit card.

OOPS! You forgot to upload swfobject.js ! You must upload this file for your form to work.

All questions must be answered; otherwise, the approval process may be delayed.


By pressing the "Consider Me" button, you agree that Poupette reserves the right to investigate your responses, including, but not limited to contacting persons with whom you have previously had transactions, as either a buyer or a seller.

You also agree that if you are accepted as a Recommended Seller, you will only sell authentic goods and that if you do not know the origin or authenticity of the item, you will not list it for sale or auction until said item has been authenticated either by the designer or by My

In addition, you agree that if a non-authentic designer item is listed for sale/auction or sold while using the Recommended Seller logo, you are subject to having your Recommended Seller status revoked and/or subject to a fine.

Acceptance also means that you will conduct yourself and your auctions/sales with the utmost professionalism and integrity and you agree to not engage in name-calling under any circumstance. You further agree that you will clearly and honestly describe all defects in the merchandise you sell. You agree that if an undisclosed defect is later found by the purchaser, you will handle problems or disagreements promptly and with customer satisfaction foremost in mind. You agree to inform My Poupette of any problems or potential problems that you may not be able to quickly and easily resolve, by writing to:

You agree that you may only use the Recommended Seller Logo on the auction or sale site designated in this application, unless you have obtained prior written permission from My Poupette.

You agree to abide by the My Poupette Seller Code of Ethics.

You agree to not participate in negative comments or conversations about My Poupette or any of its Recommended Sellers. If you have any issues with these matters, they must be addressed with My Poupette. This includes emails, news or chat boards, or public forums.

If upon returning from the "Thank You" page, you still see information in the text fields, press this button  to clear it. Clearing it will not affect your submission.

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